Tok Sen (Tapping Massage) by Thanakrit, Thai Traditional Medical

Tok Sen or Tapping Massage, is a branch of Thai traditional massage which has been practiced for more than 700 years. It was developed specifically to relieve myofascial and musculoskeletal pain. With modern medical knowledge, Tok Sen has evolved into an even more effective and comprehensive therapy. It is not only helpful in relieving myofascial pain, nerve compression, degenerative discs, arthritis, other chronicle pains and more, but it also helps improve blood flow of your body as well.

Thitiwong’s Tok sen utilises a wooden mallet to tap on a wooden wedge along the muscular and myofascial lines of your body. These taps generate vibration which will soften and release the tensed-up and knotted clusters in the muscles and connecting tissue. The therapist will adjust the rhythm and strength of the taps along your body to deliver the right amount of therapeutic vibration without causing any pain.

At Thitiwong Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic, the tapping is performed gently yet effectively, without any harmful side effects. Aches and pains will be noticeably reduced immediately after just one session, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and reinvigorated.